Isac Elliot: Save A Girl Tour — Live Visuals
Archillect — Initiate
Lyskultur — Ident
Matta - Release The Freq
BI - Norwegian Business School — Ident
VisitOSLO — My Conference
The Norwegian Design Council — Ident
Formering — V&W
Design For One — "Lupang Hinirang"
The Norwegian Design Council — MfGD Show Package
Gullblyanten 2012
This Is Now — Opener
The Last Polar Bear
The Norwegian Design Council — MfGD Invites
Amnesty International — Hearts
Amnesty International — Diversity
Parasite Choi
Parasite Choi — Poster
Chosen Moments — TEDx Toronto
The Insomnia Festival
Comoyo — Herbarium
Norsk Tipping — Superlotto
Madder Mortem - Where Dream & Day Collide
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